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Personalize your 1-to-1 customer journey with our Salesforce Marketing Cloud services

Salesforce is a CRM system, which has transformed the sphere of CRM. It offers various programming arrangements alongside an interval for engineers and clients to make and spread custom programming. Salesforce has different types of services accessible, and you can select the one that best suits you. Nevertheless, there are some crucial things that you need to know about Salesforce Marketing Cloud. See them below:

It belongs to the Salesforce family
Marketing Cloud is the digital marketing platform for Salesforce. It is wholly integrated with Salesforce in order to help your prospects on unified and distinctive journeys.

Perhaps you have once heard of various Marketing Cloud components that used to be isolated companies such as Buddy Media, ExactTarget,, and Radian6. By acquiring these companies, Salesforce has realized its vision of contacting customers in fresh ways. Marketing Cloud offers marketers the ability to deliver appropriate, modified experiences to leads via various channels and devices.

It is the world’s fastest growing marketing platform
Marketing Cloud is currently in the world of technological revolution. It is all obvious on the gadgets that are being used. To flow with the trend, and effectively reach customers irrespective of their location, marketers continue to depend on Marketing Cloud. Gartner in the 2014 market share revenue said that Marketing Cloud is the fastest-growing CRM marketing vendor.

Currently, it is very important to ensure good interactions with your customers. You can make the most of all touch points and also utilize the data to convey 1-to-1 letters and recommendations.

Effectively manages your customer journeys
Marketing Cloud can help you effectively manage the total lifecycle of your customers -right from the primary stages of awareness and procurement, to converting prospects to brand promoters. This is made possible in five simple stages which are Customer acquisition (acquire), transaction phase (sell), deeper customer relationship with the brand (Onboard), constantly engaging your customers (Engage), and the last phase where your customers promote your business (Advocate).

Connects you with hyper-connected customers on every channel and device
With the upswing of hyper-connected and multi-device consumers, the future of digital marketing is very bright. Business owners can now reach their prospects irrespective of their locations. Marketing Cloud has offered the best opportunity to reach your customers anywhere in the world. The Cloud technology provides marketers with matchless computing power just at their fingertips.

Powers customer success for different companies
Salesforce pays keen attention to the success of the customers. And Marketing Cloud ensures a successful marketing. Irrespective of the size of the business- large scale or small scale, delivering germane, targeted information to your customers is of paramount importance. Therefore, it does not matter if you run a small or large business; you can always get user-friendly marketing solutions that will enhance your business.

Marketing cloud offers below integrate services under one arc.

Email Studio

In Email studio, marketers can easily build email templates without any much effort. Even we can easily set up dynamic content areas.

Email studio offers functionalities.

  1. Dynamic Content Area
  2. A/b Testing
  3. Data Extensions
  4. Landing Pages
  5. Survey Forms

Marketers can easily make a decision which content, subject line, design works effectively by using  A/B testing.

Social Studio

By using Social Studio, marketers can automate their social media activities and schedule post and talk to customers at any time.

Journey Builder

With marketing cloud journey builder, marketers can talk to their customers at all data touch points whether it’s CRM data, service cloud data or sales data.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud