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Personalize your 1-to-1 customer journey with our Salesforce Marketing Cloud services

Salesforce marketing cloud is a marketing automation platform, which allows marketers to implement their flawless digital marketing strategies. Marketing cloud offers a wide range of marketing solutions for a small company to big MNC.

With marketing cloud, marketers can easily talk to their customer at every data touch point irrespective of data source, whether CRM data or sales cloud data or service cloud data.

Marketing cloud offers below integrate services under one arc.

Email Studio

In Email studio, marketers can easily build email templates without any much effort. Even we can easily set up dynamic content areas.

Email studio offers functionalities.

  1. Dynamic Content Area
  2. A/b Testing
  3. Data Extensions
  4. Landing Pages
  5. Survey Forms

Marketers can easily make a decision which content, subject line, design works effectively by using  A/B testing.

Social Studio

By using Social Studio, marketers can automate their social media activities and schedule post and talk to customers at any time.

Journey Builder

With marketing cloud journey builder, marketers can talk to their customers at all data touch points whether it’s CRM data, service cloud data or sales data.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud